This web site traces the family of Thomas & Amelia (Millie) Allott. They arrived in Melbourne, with their 3 children, on 23 October 1856 aboard the "Eagle". They completed their "tree change" by settling in Hurdle Flat near Beechworth in the north-east goldfields of Victoria, where they lived out their lives and raised their children in a very different environment to their native Yorkshire.

b.24 Dec 1819 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d. 16 Nov 1882 Hurdle Flat, Victoria


13 Jun 1847

Amelia WOOD
b. 1830 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d. 8 June 1884 Hurdle Flat, Victoria

Their children were:

Clara 1848-1925

There is some contention concerning the order of the children and the actual number. On the death certificate of Amelia there are listed 15 names, and on that of Thomas 14. Both certificates were completed by their son Thomas. Certainly there were only 3 children who travelled to Australia.

The LDS website lists the baptism of Mary Ann Allott, 24 Jan 1849 at St.Mary's, Sheffield. Father: Thomas and Mother: Amelia.

The database of the Sheffield General Cemetery (this link now only connects to their web site not their database) has a listing for Henry Allott
Date: 20 May 1852
Aged: 12hours
Address: Hanover St
Cause: Debility
Father: Thomas Allott
Occupation: Comb Maker

The GRO in England has some registrations that are possibly relevant to the English born children for whom I have no formal birth information:

Henry:    Birth, Jun ¼ 1852, Ecclesall B, 9c, 211
               Death, Jun ¼ 1852, Ecclesall B, 9c, 129
Ann:        Birth, Sep ¼ 1853, Ecclesall, 9c, 185
               Death, Sep ¼ 1855, Ecclesall B, 9c,116
Thomas: Birth, Dec ¼ 1854, Ecclesall B, 9c, 217

Mary Ann 1849-1849
Sarah 1850-1942
Henry 1852-1852
Anne 1853-1853
Thomas 1854-1902
Mary 1858-1949
Amelia 1859-1862
William 1861-1925
George 1863-1936
Charles 1865-1943
Alice 1867-1867
John 1868-1953
Ellen 1874-1938

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