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Charles ALLOTT
b. 18651
d. 28 May 19432
b. 18714
d. 6 Jul 19505

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Their children6 were:

A- Thomas Charles ALLOTT was born 2 Jun 1894 at Welshpool, Victoria (VRN 16561) and died 3 Oct 1974 at Hazel Park, Victoria (VRN 24434). Married Edith Emily IRELAND 1916 (VRN 2760). She was born 21 Oct 1894 and died 29 Mar 1986. Both are buried at Foster, Vic.
  1- Charles William ALLOTT was born 17 Dec 1917 and died 28 Aug 1988. Married Kathleen May FAULKNER 1944. She was born 1918 Warragul and died 11 Mar 1975. Both are buried at Foster, Vic.
  2- Isobel ALLOTT was born 5 Apr 1921 and died 28 Nov 1988. Married Ronald James BELLMAN 1940.
    a- Marie BELLMAN. Married Tony MYERS.
      i- Kerrie.
      ii- Steven.
    b- Sandra BELLMAN. Married David JILBERT.
      i- Wayne JILBERT.
      ii- Noelene JILBERT.
    c- Kaye BELLMAN. Married Brian WATSON.
      i- Dianne WATSON.
      ii- Stacey WATSON.
      iii- Courteney WATSON.
      iv- Ashleigh WATSON.
      v- Janine WATSON.
  3- Alma Edith ALLOTT was born 18 Sep 1923 and died 17 Nov 1998. Married Robert (Bob) John HUNT. He was born about 1912 (from age at death) and died 7 Oct 1995 aged 83. Both are interred at Leongatha Cemetery.
    a- Faye HUNT.
    b- Graeme HUNT.
    c- Murray Hunt.
    d- Barry HUNT.
    e- Wayne HUNT. Married Jenny GROGAN.
  4- Heather Jean ALLOTT was born 7 Sep 1927 and died 3 Dec 1992, buried Foster, Vic. Married Maxwell JACKSON.
    a- Rodney Maxwell JACKSON was born 17 Mar 1958 Yarram, Victoria. Married Yvonne Julie HINE 12 Apr 1980 in Cooee (Burnie), Tas. She was born 21 Oct 1957 in Smithton, Tas.
      i- Simon Thomas JACKSON was born 17 Sep 1981 Melbourne, Victoria. Married Tammany MAHONEY 29 Oct 2016.
      ii- Glen Michael JACKSON was born 5 Jun 1984 Sydney, NSW.
      iii- Laura Yvonne JACKSON was born 9 Oct 1988 Chertsey, UK.
      iv- Sarah Rosalie JACKSON was born 28 Sep 1992 Sydney, NSW.
    b- Kelvin Dale JACKSON was born 29 Jul 1959. Married #1 Karen WRIGHT 21 Feb 1981 at Won Wron, Vic. She was born 28 Jul 1962 Stourbridge, Wostershire, UK.
      i- Andrew Kelvin JACKSON was born 4 Aug 1986 and died 6 Jan 2004.
      ii- Dean Lukas JACKSON was born 9 Mar 1988.
      iii- Allen Thomas JACKSON was born 28 Aug 1993.
      Married #2 Marina MUKHARSKAYA 20 Sep 2008 at Leongatha, Vic. She was born 2 Jul 1976 at St.Petersburg, Russia.
      i- Sophie Elizabeth JACKSON was born 3 Apr 2009.
    c- Denise Edna JACKSON was born 4 Jul 1960. Married Marco Guiseppe Tullio NASTASI 5 Oct 1986 in Melbourne, Vic. He was born 11 Sep 1958 in Hawthorn, Vic.
    d- Martin Charles JACKSON was born 13 Jul 1962. Married Annette SHALDERS 11 Apr 1992 in Melbourne, Vic. She was born 1 May 1960.
      i- Daniel Luke JACKSON was born 25 Nov 1992.
      ii- Cassandra Lee JACKSON was born 21 Oct 1994.
      iii- Samuel Robert JACKSON was born 23 Sep 1997.
    e- Darren Glen JACKSON was born 11 Dec 1963. Married Kathryn Louise McDONELL 21 Mar 1990 in Melbourne, Vic. She was born 8 Feb 1965 in Kyabram, Vic.
      i- Demi Kate JACKSON was born 6 May 1991 and died 6 May 1991.
      ii- Brittney Louise JACKSON was born 16 Jun 1993.
      iii- Rhys Darren JACKSON was born 16 Feb 1996.
    f- Shaun Phillip JACKSON was born 15 Mar 1965. Married Suzan SANGO 21 Mar 1992. She was born 3 Oct 1965 in Melbourne, Vic.
      i- Carly Suzan JACKSON was born 6 Aug 2000.
      ii- Jade Anaiis JACKSON was born 5 Apr 2002.
      iii- Sienna Yasmine JACKSON was born 9 May 2005.
    g- Grant Andrew JACKSON was born 13 May 1966. Married Susan Margaret DENNY 6 Apr 1991 in Deniliquin, NSW. She was born 6 Apr 1966 in Deniliquin, NSW.
      i- Christopher Andrew JACKSON was born 14 Jul 1993.
      ii- Nikola Anne JACKSON was born 14 Feb 1995.
      iii- Rebecca Susan JACKSON was born 8 Dec 1987.
  5- Arthur Thomas ALLOTT was born 9 Sep 1929 and died 20 Nov 2008 at Foster, Vic. Victoria. Married Coral JONES.
    a- Robert Thomas ALLOTT was born 25 Feb 1953.
    b- Gary ALLOTT. Married Francis RITZ.
    c- Dianne ALLOTT. Married Peter HUNTER.
    d- Joy ALLOTT. Married John REPPER.
  6- Edna May ALLOTT was born 1932 and died 1941 Carlton, Victoria.
  7- Albert Henry ALLOTT was born 14 Feb 1933 and died 7 Mar 2010. Married Joan PARAGREEN.
    a- Stephen John ALLOTT. Married Judy THORBURN.
    b- Paul Raymond ALLOTT. Married Sue STEPHENSON.
    c- Craig Andrew ALLOTT. Married Debbie CROUCH.
    d- Fiona Joan ALLOTT. Married Mark JAGO.
  8- Thelma Grace ALLOTT was born 13 Dec 1934 at Toora, Vic. Married Lyell Edgar NILSSON 17 Dec 1960. He was born 8 Oct 1938 at Bairnsdale, Vic.
    a- Karen Lee NILSSON was born 13 May 1963 at Yarram, Vic. Married Peter Kenneth ROUND 1 Mar 1986 in Morwell, Vic. He was born 26 Sep 1954 in Horsham, Vic.
      i- Kim ROUND was born 9 Mar 1987 in Cobram, Vic.
      ii- Mark ROUND was born 12 Dec 1988 in Shepparton, Vic.
    b- Tracey Lyn NILSSON was born 23 Nov 1966 (twin of c below) in Morwell, Vic. Partner Derek NORTH was born 17 Feb 1963 England.
      i- Flynn Derek NORTH.
    c- Wendy Joy NILSSON was born 23 Nov 1966 (twin of b above) in Morwell, Vic. Married Brian Steven ARNOTT 3 Oct 1987. He was born 20 Feb 1964 in Warragul, Vic.
      i- Melanie Jayne ARNOTT was born 24 Mar 1991 in Moe, Vic.
      ii- Monique Louise ARNOTT was born 6 Dec 1992 in Moe, Vic.
      iii- Joshua Steven ARNOTT was born 30 Oct 1995 in Moe, Vic.
    d- Philip Lyell NILSSON was born 1 Apr 1969 in Morwell, Vic. Married Michelle Nicole JOHNSON 2 Nov 1998. She was born 14 Feb 1972 in Moe, Vic.
      i- Connor Lyell NILSSON was born 16 Dec 1998 in Traralgon, Vic.
      ii- Fletcher Philip NILSSON was born 7 Dec 2003 in Melbourne, Vic.
    e- Donna Maree NILSSON was born 24 May 1970 in Morwell, Vic. Married Michael Keith GIBSON 1998. He was born 11 Dec 1972 in Moe, Vic.
      i- Chloe Grace GIBSON was born 10 Aug 1999 in Traralgon, Vic.
      ii- Olivia Clare GIBSON was born 1 Apr 2001 in Traralgon, Vic.
B- Alice May ALLOTT was born 11 May 1896 Welshpool, Victoria (VRN 15862) and died 29 Jan 1995. Married William Patrick McEVOY 1923 (VRN 11206). He was born 1882 and died 1937 Toora, Victoria.
C- Dorothy Isobell ALLOTT was born 1905 at Welshpool, Victoria (VRN 22478) and died at Toora 1964 (VRN 22476). Married James Gibson CAMERON 1928 (VRN 12125). He was born 1898 Loch(?) and died 1979 Dandenong, Victoria.
  1- Joyce CAMERON.
  2- Allan CAMERON.

1. Stanley, Victoria VRN 18794.
2. Toora, Victoria VRN 18499.
3. Yarram. VRN 359.
4. Geelong. Date based on headstone. Died at 79 years of age.
5. Toora, Victoria VRN 21800. Date from headstone.
6. Information mostly from Paul Allott and Martin Jackson.
7. Photo from Thelma Hutchison.
8. Photos from Ruth Allott.
9. Photo from Tusch Taverna via Ancestry.

Images(Click to enlarge):

Charles & Mary Allott with their children c.19088 Thomas Charles Allott8 Alice May McEvoy (née Allott)8 Dorothy Isobell Cameron (née Allott)8 L to R: Unknown, Alice May Allott, Mary Ann & Charles Allott (probably)7 Thomas Charles Allott - Edith Emily Ireland wedding9

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