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d.30 Oct 19252

19 Mar 18673
C of E Beechworth, Rev W.C.Howard

George Seneca CHAPPELL
d.31 Mar 19205

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Their children were:

A- Frances Jane CHAPPELL was born 22 Dec 1867 Yackandandah, Victoria (VRN 6468) and died 1934 Box Hill, Victoria (VRN 5004). Married William GRAVETT in 1892 (VRN 4330). William Frank GRAVETT died 1896 Coburg, Victoria aged 29 years (VRN 5476).
  1- William George Cecil GRAVETT was born 1892 Toora, Victoria (VRN 37030) and died 1954 Upwey, Victoria. Married Clara Emma HOOPER 1920. She was born 1894 Geelong, Victoria.
    a- Cecil Lloyd Douglas GRAVETT was born 1923 Geelong, Victoria and died 1925 Geelong, Victoria.
  2- Frances Florence Hilda GRAVETT was born 1895 Toora, Victoria (VRN 16485) and died 1957 Essendon, Victoria. Married Arthur Thomas Davis LANGAN 1922. He was born 1892 Violet Town, Victoria and died 1955 Essendon, Victoria.
  Second marriage to William Job GIBBS in 1897 (VRN 1674R). He was born ~1862 London and died 1929 aged 67 years at Balwyn, Victoria (VRN 8080).
  1- Edgar Matthew Albert GIBBS was born 1899 Geelong, Victoria (VRN 3273) and died 1982. Married Kathleen Mary CONSIDINE 1932. 
  2- Honor Jessica Lillian GIBBS was born 1902.
  3- Clara Elizabeth May GIBBS was born 1904. Married William STANLEY 1930.
  4- Phyllis Nina Fanny GIBBS was born 1909 and died 1982. Married Alan Osland RUSSELL 1930. He was born 1909 St.Kilda, Victoria. Marriage #2 ?? HICKS.
B- Matthew Edward CHAPPELL was born1870 Yackandandah, Victoria and died 1925 Prahran, Victoria (VRN 2982). Married Matilda RIGHETTI 1901 Beechworth, Victoria (VRN 203). She was born 1875 Daylesford, Victoria and died 1974 Ivanhoe, Victoria.
  1- Julia Clara Linda CHAPPELL was born 1902 Shepherds Flat, Victoria. Married Henry HORNE 1926.

Doris Amelia CHAPPELL was born 28 Apr 1904 Linda, Tasmania and died 10 Jul 2001 Chelsea, Victoria.
  3- Gertrude Matilda CHAPPELL was born1906 Shepherds Flat, Victoria (VRN 22082). Married Gordon Albert James SMITH 1929.
    a- Merida Gertrude SMITH was born 1939 and died 1950 Heidelberg, Victoria.
  4- Myrtle Elizabeth CHAPPELL was born 1908 Drouin, Victoria.
  5- Mavis Teresa Rita CHAPPELL was born 1913 Warragul, Victoria. Married Marriott Vincent GREAVES 1934.
C- Amelia Anne CHAPPELL was born 1872 Yackandandah, Victoria (VRN 20723) and died 1877 Hurdle Flat, Victoria.
D- Thomas Seneca CHAPPELL was born 1875 Yackandandah, Victoria (VRN 20465) and died aged 11 months 1876 Clear Creek, Victoria (VRN 7727).
E- Florence Mary CHAPPELL was born 1877 Yackandandah, Victoria (VRN 19650) and died 1956. She married Horace William REID 1930. He was born 1883 South Australia and died 1957 Yallourn, Victoria.
F- William George Percy CHAPPELL was born 1880 Yackandandah, Victoria (VRN 19777) and died 1946 Warragul, Victoria (VRN 23854). Married Mary LAMONT 1921 Trafalgar. She was born 1885 Tang(?) and died 1968 Buny(?).
  1- Hector George CHAPPELL was born 1922 and died 1979 Melbourne, Victoria.
G- Jessie May CHAPPELL was born 1883 Yackandandah, Victoria (VRN 20796) and died 1950 Winchelsea, Victoria (VRN 19667). Married William Ormond McCardy FARQUHARSON in 1906 (VRN 2170R). He was born 1883 Winchelsea, Victoria and died 1965 at Winchelsea, Victoria (VRN 6625).
  1- Lillian Hilda May FARQUHARSON was born 1907 at Winchelsea, Victoria (VRN 15079). Married Thomas Jarvis BROUGHTON 1931. He was born 1904 and died 1972 Croydon, Victoria.
  2- Clara Muriel Victoria FARQUHARSON was born 1909 at Winchelsea, Victoria (VRN 31801).
  3- Violet Edna Rose FARQUHARSON was born 1912 at Winchelsea, Victoria (VRN 35808). Married Bernard DRAYTON 1939. He was born 1919 Mt.Moriac.
H- Lillian Rose CHAPPELL was born 1890 Toora, Victoria (VRN 37096) and died 1960 Warragul, Victoria (VRN 21690). Married Leslie Alfred HALL in 1914 (VRN 6204). He was born 1889 Broomfield, Victoria died 1968 aged 78 Yallourn, Victoria (VRN 14709).
  1- Clara Iris Pearl HALL was born 1916 Drouin, Victoria (VRN 28877). Married Reginald Ashworth PHAYER 1942. He was born 1917 Whittlesea, Victoria and died 1969 Dandenong, Victoria.
  2- Florence Mavis HALL was born 1919 Longwarry, Victoria (VRN 4847).
  3- Ivan Percival Clyde HALL was born 27 Mar 1927* Longwarry, Victoria, and died 1973 Ballarat, Victoria. *Note: Birth information from WWII Nominal Roll - Service Number 159965.

1. Sheffield, Yorkshire. I have no source for this, but is ok based on age at death.
2. Balwyn, Victoria. VRN 12348. Death Notice: Argus 31 Oct 1925.
3. VRN 20 & see below.
4. New York, USA. Date deduced from death record, place from marriage record. (Possibly also from UK via USA.)
5. St.Kilda, Victoria. VRN 7894. Death notice in Argus of 1 Apr 1920 - died 31 Mar 1920, aged 82.
6. These images provided by Mary Cleary.
7. These images provided by Lee Hall.

Clickable images:

Clara Chappell with unknown child7

Probable G.S. Chappell6

G.S. Chappell7 Clara Chappell and daughter Lillian Rose6

William Chappell6

                younger GSC younger GSC older Clara and Lillian Possible Willie C
George Chappell family circa 18987 G.S. Chappell7 Lillian Rose Chappell7

Clara Chappell and unknown child6

Possible William Chappell6
Chappell family GSC old LR
                Chappell Possible Clara Possible Willie C 2

The following is from Denise McMahon who started to research the Chappell family. There are odd snippets from the life and times of the Chappell family.

19th March 1867 CHAPPELL – ALLCOTT – On Tuesday 19th March at the Church of England Beechworth by the Rev W. C. Howard, George Seneca, son of Matthew Chappell, to Clara, eldest daughter of Thomas Allott, of Hurdle Flat, near Stanley
22nd December 1867 CHAPPELL – On the 22nd December at Yackandandah the wife of George S Chappell of a daughter
  • Yack. school booklet. George Chappell on the Yack. School Committee in 1871. 
  • ”In 1871 the correspondent, George Chappell, wrote asking for aid for a new building and expressing a desire to vest the site.  The head teacher was then Wm Alexander.  James McCully was treasurer of the committee. James Murphy surveyor, Yackandandah, was paid two guineas for surveying the site of 2 roods 26 perches, which was gazetted on October 25, 1872 .”    The school burnt down on 27/2/1890 and never rebuilt.
  •   Not sure if this is our man: “Chappell & Son working by 2 hydraulic hoses at lower portion of Europa Gully Stanley 1859 – upper portion of claim, as far as tail race extends is worked by this party in a rather unique style – viz., with bullocks – tail race wide enough for two bullocks to walk in – they draw up and down first a plough to loosen the difficult-to-wash stiff blue clay,a and then a barrow to puddle it. From - (Broken link - Bill)
  • From Pioneers of the Ovens & Townsmen of B/worth:-
  • George Seneca Chappell, Yackandandah. “A native of New York , the eldest son of Matthew Chappell. Chappell was born about 1838 and married on 19th March 1867 to Clara Allott. Daughter of Thomas Allott of Hurdle Flat (Allot in Ros book) Their family included Francis Jane born in 1867, Matthew 1870 Amelia Anne 1872, Thomas 1875, Florence 1877, William George Percy 1880 & Jessie May 1883.  The family resided in Yackandandah. Chappell settled eventually in Longwarry. Died 31st March 1920 St. Kilda.”
  • George S Chappell - Riddell Ck Miner – 1899 referendum
  • Yack. County Court 13/12/60
    TG Kennan v G Chappel
    Claim for £40 on an acceptance. Mr Zincke for plaintiff. Mr Clarke for defendant. Mr Z stated the case, which was that complainant & defendant had been partners, & that Mr kennan had sold out to Matthew & George Chappell for the sum of £40. A set off was pleaded by defendant in the shape of various items as calico, twine &c. The defendant in one breath saying that the money was lent to oblige Kennan & in another that it was purchase money for the race. Verdict for the amount with costs, £4 13s 8d.
  • 26.4.1866. “Form of notice of application for a license.
    I the undersigned hereby give notice that I intend to apply for a license for a WATER RACE under the Mining Statute 1865 the particulars whereof are hereunder set forth.” GEORGE SENECA CHAPPEL Date
    April 24 1866   Address Clear Creek Yackandandah.
  • Ovens & Murray Advertiser 17th April 1877 . “Geo Chappell of Yack organized picnic concert and ball at Yack Junction. Children had sports and then good things to eat. Roxborough Hayes assisted George. Geo even sang that night.”
  • Ovens & Murray Advertiser 24.10.1867. Yack. Court: Transfer of Publican's license. Mr. Young made application on behalf of Messrs Greer & Co. to transfer their license to G. Chappell - granted.

The State Library NSW has Chappell family manuscripts if you are interested. We didn’t get them, given we hadn’t got around to do Chappell research.  (ML Ref. ML Doc 1384).

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