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George SCOTT

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Their children were:

A- George SCOTT was born 1883 Stanley (VRN 26616) and died 1883 (VRN 12731).
B- George SCOTT was born 1885 Beechworth (VRN 606) and died 1971 Footscray (VRN 26263) . Married Edith Ruby (Eddie) PIGGIN 1909. She was born 1894 Corowa, NSW and died 1961 Footscray, Victoria.
  1- George SCOTT was born 1909 Rutherglen, Victoria.
  2- Daphne SCOTT was born 4 Apr 1913  Rutherglen, Victoria and died 7 Apr 1992. Married Fred JACKSON 1934. He was born 25 Apr 1908 and died 1 Jun 1998.
  3- Florence SCOTT was born 1915 Rutherglen, Victoria.
C- Ada Amelia SCOTT was born 1887 Rutherglen (VRN 14628) and died 1959 Corowa, NSW (buried Rutherglen, Victoria). Married George JONES 1906 at Corowa, NSW (1140/1906). He was born 1884 at Rutherglen, Victoria (VRN 20124) and died 6 Jun 1912 at Carlyle, Victoria (VRN 7581).
  1- George Sidney Francis JONES was born 15 Jul 1905 at Rutherglen, Victoria and died 8 Apr 2003 at Leongatha, Victoria. Married Gladys May ALLEN 31 Dec 1933. She was born 1916.
    a- Allen JONES.
    b- Betty JONES.
    c- Graeme JONES. Married Ann ??SURNAME??
      i- Kellie JONES. Married Glenn TYSON
    d- Douglas JONES.
    e- Susie JONES.
    f- Shirley JONES.
    g- Peter William JONES was born abt. 1940 and died 1983 at Laverton, Victoria (VRN 21005).
    h- David John JONES was born abt. 1944 and died 1985 at Parkville, Victoria (VRN 26268).
  2- Mary Frances JONES was born 1908 at Rutherglen, Victoria (VRN 6623) and died 1995. Married ??Name?? HUTCHINSON
    a- Elaine HUTCHINSON. Married John RONCIMAN.
      i- John RONCIMAN.
      ii- Paul RONCIMAN.
      iii- Cheryl RONCIMAN.
      iv- Karen RONCIMAN.
    b- Stanley HUTCHINSON.
  3- Elsie Ellen JONES was born 1909 at Rutherglen, Victoria (VRN 30656) and died 19 May 1992. Married William NOONAN.
    a- Mary NOONAN. Married Robert YATES.
      i- Wayne YATES.
      ii- Mark YATES.
      iii- Robert YATES.
      iv- Karyn YATES.
      v- Darren YATES.
    b- Patrick NOONAN. Married Jennifer DALY.
      i- Sharren NOONAN.
      ii- Darren NOONAN.
      iii- Joshua NOONAN.
      iv- Jamie NOONAN.
    c- George NOONAN. Married Olive SULLIVAN.
      i- Terry NOONAN.
      ii- Gary NOONAN.
      iii- Maree NOONAN.
  4- William (Bill) John JONES was born 5 Jan 1912 at Rutherglen, Victoria (VRN 6951) and died 7 Aug 2002 at Corowa (buried 9 Aug 2002 at Carlyle, Victoria). Married Dorothy Elsie DAVIDSON 25 Jun 1938. She was born 11 Jul 1914 and died 23 Apr 2002 at Albury, NSW (buried 29 Apr 2002 at Carlyle, Victoria).
    a- Beverly JONES was born 26 Jun 1941. Married Ronald Charles FELLOWS 8 Jun 1963. He was born 31 Mar 1939.
      i- Craig Andrew FELLOWS was born 28 Jan 1965. Married Sharon Lee HARDING 18 Jan 1997. She was born 24 Apr 1966. Children: William James FELLOWS b.1 Jan 2000, Jessica Grace FELLOWS b.22 Jul 2002.
      ii- Stephen Leigh FELLOWS was born 3 Apr 1966. Married Genette Gaye SULLIVAN 27 Nov 1987. She was born 2 Jun 1966. Children: Joel William FELLOWS b.27 Mar 1995, Rachel Elizabeth FELLOWS b.27 Dec 1997.
      iii- Jonathon Charles FELLOWS was born 25 Apr 1968. Married Wendy Therese CARDWELL 27 Nov 1992. She was born 9 Jan 1969. Children: Chloe Renae FELLOWS b.9 Jun 1995, Chelsea Kate FELLOWS b.3 Jun 1997, Laura Rose FELLOWS b.7 Feb 2002. 
      iv- Luke Clifford FELLOWS was born 1 Nov 1978.
    b- Marie JONES was born 10 Oct 1944.
      i- Melanie JONES was born 11 Aug 1972.
    c- Roslyn Faye JONES was born 30 Sep 1947. Married Errol John HOWARD 4 Apr 1970. He was born 24 Mar 1945.
      i- Andrew Paul HOWARD was born 29 Aug 1972.
      ii- Ursula Faye HOWARD was born 17 Nov 1974.
      iii- Benjamin Mathew HOWARD was born 30 Jan 1978.
D- Ellen Mary SCOTT7 was born 1889 Rutherglen (VRN 25805) and died 11 Jun 1991. Married George FRANCIS in 1911. He was born 1885 Rutherglen, Victoria and died 1963 Rutherglen, Victoria.
  1- Mary Louise FRANCIS was born 1911 Rutherglen, Victoria and died 1999.
  2- William George FRANCIS was born 1913 Rutherglen, Victoria and died 1998. Married Elaine BAKER.
    a- Robert FRANCIS. Married Ngaire HISKENS
      i- Scott FRANCIS. Married Melanie ATKINSON, one child Mitch FRANCIS 
      ii- Sheree FRANCIS. Married Jonathan COGHILL, two children Melissa & Stephanie FRANCIS
      iii- Lynne FRANCIS. Married Simon PALUBISKI, two children Tess & Nate FRANCIS .
    b- Patricia FRANCIS. Married Frances BARING.
    c- Jillian FRANCIS. Married Rick NIELSON and had 4 children - Nathan, Joshua, Luke & Jacob NIELSON.
      i- Nathan NIELSON.
      ii- Joshua NIELSON.
      iii- Luke NIELSON.
      iv- Jacob NIELSON.
  3- Ada Elsie FRANCIS was born 1917 Rutherglen, Victoria and died 1984 Victoria. Married George Mason HEDGES 1942. He was born 1910 and died 1978 Footscray, Victoria.
    a- Glenys HEDGES.
  4- Aylean FRANCIS was born 19 Jan 1919 Rutherglen, Victoria.. Married Edwin George BAKER 1941. He was born 1918 Rutherglen, Victoria and died 1997.
    a- Geoffrey BAKER. Married Judith SMITH.
    b- Kenneth BAKER. Married Beverley BEATCHY.
    c- Barry BAKER. Married Penelope PICKWORTH.
    d- Joy BAKER.
  5- Colin FRANCIS was born Sep 1921. Married #1 Iris SEARLE. Married #2 Jean MATTHEWS was born 27 Aug 1927 (no children).
    a- Kaye FRANCIS. Married Ken O'MEARA.
    b- Michael FRANCIS.
  6- Alfred James FRANCIS was born 28 Mar 1923 . Married Peggy SMITH. Married #2 Pat BROWN (no children).
    a- Gary FRANCIS.
    b- Judith FRANCIS.
    c- Peter FRANCIS.
  7- Mavis Isobel FRANCIS was born 3 Dec 1925. Married Robert GRAY.
    a- William Robert GRAY.
    b- Raymond GRAY.
    c- Colleen GRAY. Married Alan BRATTE.
    d- John Scott GRAY was born 1959. Died aged 7 years.
  8- Ellen FRANCIS. Married Leslie MATTHEWS.
    a- Helen MATTHEWS.
    b- Christine MATTHEWS.
    c- David MATTHEWS.
    d- Aylean MATTHEWS.
E- Mary Isabella SCOTT was born 1891 Rutherglen (VRN 36917) and died 1980 Coburg, Victoria. Married Pat McMAHON 1914. He was born 1885 and died 1951 Coburg, Victoria.
  1- John Patrick (Jack) McMAHON was born 1915 Coburg, Victoria.
  2- Francis John McMAHON was born 1920 Coburg, Victoria and died 1984 Victoria.
  3- James Joseph McMAHON was born 1922 and died 1977 Coburg, Victoria.
F- William Barclay SCOTT was born 1893 Rutherglen (VRN 26259). Married Mary Adeline (Mainie) COLLIER 1918. She was born 1892 Rutherglen, Victoria. 
  1- Marjorie Jean SCOTT was born 1919. Married JONES.
  2- Douglas SCOTT was born 1922 and died 1978 Victoria. Married Edith ??SURNAME??.
G- James Archibald SCOTT was born 1895 Rutherglen (VRN 6824) and died 1961 Caulfield, Victoria. Married Doris WHITE 1919. She was born 1899 Junee, NSW (12805/1899)
  1- Bill SCOTT.
  2- Joyce SCOTT.
  3- Doris SCOTT.
  4- Bubbie SCOTT.
H- Elsie May SCOTT was born 1897 Rutherglen (VRN 14269) and died 1971 Presron, Victoria. Married Wilfrid (Bill) RACKSTRAW 1924 Junee, NSW. He was born 1899 Welshpool, Victoria and died 1950 Heidlburg, Victoria.
  1- Bill RACKSTRAW.
  2- Carmel RACKSTRAW.
  3- Marie RACKSTRAW.
  4- Betty RACKSTRAW.

1. Snake Valley, Victoria. VRN 4320.
2. Coburg, Victoria. VRN 7038.
3. VRN 3923.
4. Born Adelaide - according to marriage certificate. Died aged 59 in 1908.
5. Rutherglen, Victoria. VRN11622. Father: Archibald, Mother: Sarah KIRK.
6. My thanks to Brian Jones for these generations and for the photo of George Jones below.
7. Thanks to Ngaire Francis for the Allott & Scott photos. Also some corrections and additional information for these generations. Additional generations and dates from Mary Lynch's charts.
8. Photos from Karyn Yates.

Clickable images:

Mary Allott
about 1878 (20 yo)

George and Mary (Allott) Scott  with George Jr. c.1886 

Mary (Allott) Scott  with George, Ada & Ellen about 1890

Mary Scott with daughter Ada, grand daughter Mary & g/grand daughter Elaine

L to R: Unknown woman with baby, Ada Amelia (Scott) Jones, Elsie Ellen (Jones) Noonan - probably, Mary (Scott) Allott - seated.8

Ada Amelia (Scott) Jones8 George Jones (standing) His wedding1906 ? L to R: Elsie Scott (Rackstraw), Marie Rackstraw, Ellen Scott (Francis), & Mary Scott (McMahon)

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