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b.5 Feb 18501
d.27 Jan 19422

12 Sep18673

John Dickman WELCH
d.22 Apr 19075

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Their children6 were:

A- Dorothy Amelia (Millie) WELCH was born 22 Feb 1869 Beechworth, Victoria and died 1946 Carnegie, Victoria aged 77. Married Benjamin Arthur HALL 1891. He was born 1864 Adelaide, South Australia and died 1927 Glen Huntly, Victoria.
  1- Dorothy Muriel HALL was born 1892 Coburg, Victoria and died 1971 Melbourne, Victoria. Married Arthur St.Clair NICHOLLS 1910. He was born 1889 Richmond, Victoria and died 1959 Benalla, Victoria.
    a- Arthur Benjamin Fredrick NICHOLLS was born 1911 Brunswick North, Victoria. Married Edna May JONES 1935.
    b- Violet Eleanor NICHOLLS was born 1913 Coburg, Victoria and died 1933 Coburg, Victoria.
    c- George Vivian NICHOLLS was born 1914 Coburg, Victoria and died 1915 Coburg, Victoria.
  2- Sarah Eleanor HALL was born 1893 Coburg, Victoria and died 21 Jun 1964 Tongala, Victoria. Married Richard Herbert Booth HUNTER 1919 (VRN 10846). He was born 1895 and died 26 Feb 1972 Echuca, Victoria (VRN 10398).
    a- Amelia Marjorie HUNTER was born 1920 Glen Huntley, Victoria
    b- William George HUNTER was born 1923 Glen Huntley, Victoria and died 8 Nov 1958 Shepparton, Victoria. Buried Tongala, Victoria cemetery.
    c- John HUNTER - known from headstone of Wm. Geo above.
  3- George HALL was born 1895 Coburg, Victoria and died 1913 Coburg, Victoria.
  4- Violet HALL was born 1897 Coburg, Victoria and died 1974 Williamstown, Victoria. Married Walter Alex SARKIES 1920. He was born 1897 Collingwood, Victoria and died 1925 Wodonga, Victoria.
  5- Clara HALL was born 1902 Coburg, Victoria and died 1977 Malvern, Victoria. Married Albert Neil MCGOWAN 1929. He was born 1902 North Carlton, Victoria.
B- Clara WELCH was born 12 Aug 1872 Twists Creek, Victoria and died 1 Jun 1964 Alphington, Victoria aged 91. Married Joseph Herbert STATTERS 22 Dec 1902 Capetown, South Africa. He was born 1867 Coburg, Victoria and died 7 Mar 1925 Coburg, Victoria.
  1- Margaret Stephenson (Marge) STATTERS was born 6 Oct 1903 Woodstock, Capetown, South Africa and died 17 Aug 1994 Surrey Hills, Victoria. Married Cedric CHANNON 1936 Coburg, Victoria.
    a- Margaret Clare CHANNON was born 1940.
  2- Annie Amelia (Millie) STATTERS was born 23 May 1905 Coburg, Victoria and died 1999 Ballan, Victoria. Married Harold HARLESS 5 May 1934 Kew, Victoria.
    a- Margaret Ruth HARLESS was born 23 May 1937.
  3- Edith Grace STATTERS was born 9 Sep 1906 Woodstock, Capetown, South Africa and died 13 Jun 1986 Geelong, Victoria. Married Frank Westwood FORSYTH 22 Dec 1934 Coburg, Victoria.
    a- Marjorie Ann FORSYTH was born 9 Dec 1935 Geelong, Victoria.
    b- Edith Mary FORSYTH was born 31 Jul 1939 Geelong, Victoria.
    c- Frances June FORSYTH was born 10 Jun 1942 Geelong, Victoria.
    d- Heather Jane FORSYTH was born 3 Jul 1947 Geelong, Victoria.
  4- Herbert George (Bert) STATTERS was born 19 Sep 1910 Coburg, Victoria and died 14 Mar 1986 Adelaide, South Aust. Married Joyce Berry THOMPSON 18 Apr 1936 Coburg, Victoria.
    a- Robert Joseph STATTERS was born 6 Nov 1940 Melbourne, Victoria.
    b- Elizabeth Joy STATTERS was born 4 Jan 1944 Adelaide, South Aust.
C- John (Jack) Dickman WELCH was born 18 Dec 1874 Hurdle Flat, Victoria and died 1947 Coburg, Victoria aged 73. Married Florence Marie HILL 1909. She was born 1872 Bungaree, Victoria and died 1950 Coburg, Victoria.
  1- Clara Amelia WELCH was born 1910 Coburg, Victoria and died 1952 Warburton, Victoria. Married Paul Stanford QUINTON 1932. He was buried 2 Jun 1976 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
  2- Sarah Millicent WELCH was born 1913 Coburg, Victoria and died 1913 Coburg, Victoria.
D- Thomas WELCH was born 31 Jan 1880 Hurdle Flat, Victoria and died 14 Sep 1943 Moreland, Victoria aged 63. Married Agnes MCNAUGHTON 1905 North Melbourne, Victoria. She was born 1884 Coburg, Victoria and died 1976 Box Hill, Victoria.
  1- Thomas Angus WELCH was born 1906 Coburg, Victoria and died 1982 Kew, Victoria. Married Ida Elizabeth Agnes SMITH 1930. She was born 1905 Coburg, Victoria and died 1981 Ringwood, Victoria. 
  2- Alan Douglas WELCH was born 1909 Coburg, Victoria and died 1974 Rose(?), Victoria. Married Emily Rose NOLAN 1937. She was born 1911 Camperdown, Victoria.
  3- Mavis Lillian WELCH was born 1912 Coburg, Victoria. Married Noel Wilberforce GELLIE 1939. He was born 1913 Carlton, Victoria.

1. Sheffield, Yorkshire. See birth certificate.
2. Coburg, Victoria VRN 820, date from Mary Cleary. Buried 29 Jan 1942.
3. Judy Dixon found the marriage certificate. Vic BDM lists the marriage as between John WELSH born in Durham and Sarah ABBOTT born in Sheffield (VRN 2292).   
4. Great Lumley, Durham. From marriage certificate.
5. Coburg, Victoria.Coburg Cemetery records. Buried 23 Apr 1907.
6. Dates for A, B, C & D from Mary Cleary. Other generations from Mary Lynch's charts.

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John & Sarah Welch Clara Welch & Ellen Allott Sarah Welch & daughter Clara Sarah Welch Obituary

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