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Thomas ALLOTT #1
d.7 Jan 18541

25 Jun 18152
St.Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield

Hannah UNWIN
bur.30 Jul 18253


6 Feb 18324
Parish Church, Rotherham

bur.19 Jul 18595

Notes to the above table:

1. Birth date is based on his death certificate. Buried 11 Jan 1854 aged 60 at St.Mary's, Bramall Lane, Sheffield
2. This date is from the LDS web site.
3. Birth date is based on the age given when she was buried on 30 Jul 1825 aged 33 at St.Paul's, Sheffield.
4. This date is from "Sheffield Records Online" web site and here (note he is a widower).
5. Birth date is based on the age given of 71 years when she was buried at St.Mary's, Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

Other considerations:

The problem with finding Hannah Allott has always been obscured because of the death certificate of Thomas #2 (the emigrant). The mother's name as given appears to be "Annie Owens". The details for the death certificate were supplied by Thomas #3. After discussion with other researchers it was decided that a Yorkshire accent could make Hanna (or Anna) Unwin sound like "Annie Owens". Also it is worth noting that Thomas #2 would have been only 5 years old when his mother died.

I haven't put a birth date for Hannah Unwin even though there is this record from the LDS site. It could well be "our" Hannah, but there is an age discrepancy created by her burial record of 2-3 years, so it is possible that it is someone else.

Their known children - from the "Sheffield Indexers" web site. Note that the mother's name is given as Hannah in the case of William & Ann for the other three. In each case the father is given as Thomas - Button Maker.

A- William ALLOTT was born 27 Jul 1816 and died 8 Jun 1877 at Hotham (now North Melbourne), Victoria - see below.
B- Thomas ALLOTT #2 was born 24 Dec 1819 and died 16 Nov 1882 at Hurdle Flat, Victoria - back to main page for details.
C- Sarah ALLOTT was born 2 Jan 1822 and died 30 Dec 1885. Married George LEE 23 May 1844. He was born 15 May 1821 at Nottingham, the son of William LEE and Sarah BOOT.
  1- Charles LEE was born about 1845. (These dates derived from the 1852 & later census ages.)
  2- Morris LEE was born about 1848.
  3- George LEE was born about 1850.

Hannah LEE was born about 1856

William LEE was born about 1863
D- George ALLOTT was born 17 Feb 1824 and died 28 Aug 1898 at Mooroopna, Victoria - see below.

Convict Connection - Strong circumstantial evidence suggests that William and George were transported to NSW & Tasmania respectively, each for 7 years.

The facts concerning William Allott:
1. William Allott appeared before the Yorkshire West Riding Quarter Sessions:
     1832 (Michaelmas Session) on a charge of Larceny, before convicted of a Felony - No Bill.
     1833 (Epiphany Session) on the same charge - Sentenced to 7 years Transportation.
2. William Allott's "Hulk" record gives his age as 16, his conviction on 9 Jan 1833 as "stealing a hammer, after previous conviction of a felony", and his departure date as 5 Mar 1833 on the "Waterloo".
3. William Allott arives in NSW 3 Aug 1833, and is assigned to Charles Cowper of Sydney.
4. William Allott is issued with a Certificate of Freedom on 14 Mar 1840. Note his birth year is given as 1816.
5. William Allott died in Victoria on 8 Jun 1877 aged 60 - parents given as Thomas & Ann and 43 years in Victoria.

 The facts concerning George Allott:
1. George Allott appeared before the Yorkshire West Riding Quarter Sessions:
     1839 at Rotherham on 8 Jul aged 15 on a charge of Larceny, before convicted of a Felony - Not Guilty.
     1840 at Sheffield on 20 Mar aged 16 (just turned if he is our man) on a charge of Larceny - Sentenced to 7 years Transportation.
2. George Allott's "Hulk" record gives his age as 16, his crime given as "stealing wearing apparel",and his departure date as 28 Sep 1840 to Van Dieman's Land.
3. George Allott appears in the 1841 Tasmanian convict muster, receives a "Ticket of Leave" on 24 Jul 1844, appears in the 1846 & 1849 Tasmanian musters, even though his sentence expired on 20 Mar 1847.
4. George Allott died in Victoria 28 Aug 1898 aged 74 - parents not given but said to be a widower and 50 years in Victoria.

It all adds up quite well, so I think it reasonable to now claim 2 convicts for the family. A marriage record for George could seal the case.

It would seem that both William & George returned to England at some time after serving their time. I haven't found records for this, but shortly after the death of their father Thomas, George, Thomas & William Allott (the ages on the shipping records are close enough to be confident) travelled to Australia on the "Queen of the Seas". They arrived in Melbourne in Sept 1854 presumably to lay the groundwork for Thomas to move to Australia. Presumably Thomas returned to England (no record of this either) and then embarked on the "Eagle" with his family.

Additional bits of information:

The following is under review, but is still possible:
Mary Lynch adds the following details regarding George:
George married Ann Maddock in England, and had a child:
Herbert born 1869 in England, travelled to Western Australia in 1890 where he married Mary Jane Brady in 1898.
She was born in 1858. In 1899 they moved to Victoria where their only child was born in 1904 at Carlton.
Herbert died in 1943 at Box Hill aged 74, and Mary Jane died in 1936 at Box Hill aged 79.

Thomas Allott#1:

1841 Census
Piece: 1333/7, ED: 12, Folio: 86, Parish: Ecclesall Bierlow
Thomas Allott 45, Buttonsmith of Little Sheffield
Sarah Allott 50, wife
Sarah Allott 20, daughter

1851 Census
Piece: 2337, Folio: 503, Parish: Ecclesall Bierlow
Thomas Allott  56, Beerhouse Keeper of Hill Street London Road
Sarah Allott 63, wife

Other Information:
1. Thomas was the Beerhouse Keeper at the "Miltons Arms" in Little Sheffield (Ref: Whites 1849)
2. Thomas was the Beerhouse Keeper at the "Milton Arms" in Little Sheffield (Ref: Whites 1852)
    Found at this link:
    or this one:
3. Allott, Thomas (~, Beer House). Residing at South Street , Little Sheffield , in 1841 (Ref: Henry & Thos. Rodgers Sheff & Roth Directory - 1841)
   Found at:

Thomas Allott #2:
Born: 24 Dec 1819 in Sheffield, Yorkshire
Married: 13 Jun 1848 to Amelia Wood - marriage certificate.
Died: 16 Nov 1882 at Hurdle Flat, Victoria - death certificate.
Other Information: Thomas enlisted in the Coldstream Guards on 19 Jan 1837(?) at the age of 19 years for 2 years & 244 days.
He was discharged 20 Sep 1841.

1851 Census3
Piece 2340, Folio338, Parish: Sheffield
Thomas Allott 31, Combmaker of Hanover Street
Amelia 21, wife
Clara 3
Sarah 1

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