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b. 25 May 18271
d. 16 Jun 19191
9 Apr 185113
St.Enoder, Cornwall
Kezia Langdon SYMONDS
b. 18331
d. 17 Nov 19151

Henry (aged 24) and Kezia (aged 18) along with Henry's sister Catherine who was 28 embarked at Plymouth on the "Omega" (762 tons under Captain Samuel Potter) on 19 Apr 1851, landing at Port Adelaide on 28 Jul 18511. A honeymoon at sea! I don't know when they arrived in Victoria.

Their children were:

A- Oscar Henry OSBORNE was born 18 Sep 1856 at Bendigo, Victoria and died 1904 at Bendigo, Victoria (VRN 11558) (G/N12738). He married Elizabeth Jane COOMBES 20 Oct 1880. She was born ~1861 at Campbell's Creek, Victoria
  1- Charles Henry OSBORNE was born ~1881 and died ~15 Aug 1899 at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N12738).
  2- Oscar Herbert (Bert) OSBORNE was born ~1883 and died 12 Jun 1954 at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N 37071). He married Elsie Myrtle SHIRLOO. She was born abt. 1887 and died 30 Oct 1964 at Bendigo, Victoria.
    a- Gwen.
      i- Bernice who married ? KRONK.
    b- Charles.
    c- Walter.
  3- Ethel Maud OSBORNE2 was born 8 Nov 1885 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 28761). She married Albert Horsman MANNING.
    a- Alan Osborne MANNING.
      i- Jillian MANNING was born 1938.
    b- Estelle Osborne MANNING. Married GREGORY?
      i- Alan GREGORY was born 1938.
      ii- John GREGORY was born 1949 and died?
  4- Mabel OSBORNE who married Joe DONALD.
  5- Ruby OSBORNE who married Arthur WHITFORD.
  6- Gladys OSBORNE who married Keith FIELD.
  7- Eric OSBORNE.
  8- Roy OSBORNE who married Grace ?
  9- Oscar OSBORNE who married Marion ?
B- Charles Hellyar OSBORNE was born 1858 at Spring Gully, Victoria and died 7 Sep 1936 at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N 28554). He married Elizabeth Bell CARNDUFF 26 Jun 1886 at Sandhurst, Victoria. She was born 1863 at Back Creek, Victoria (VRN 10584) and died 30 Aug 1930 at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N 28554).
  1- Leslie Symonds OSBORNE was born 28 Aug 1890 at Prahran, Victoria and died 17 Jun 1973 at Bendigo, Victoria. He married Ivy SLOGGETT 23 Jul 1919 at Albert Park, Victoria. She was born 17 May 1896 at Eaglehawk, Victoria and died 25 Jun 1971 at Bendigo, Victoria.
    a- Langdon Charles OSBORNE was born 6 Jun 1920 at Bendigo, Victoria and died 26 Mar 1974 at Bendigo, Victoria.
    b- Jean Lesley OSBORNE was born 13 Feb 1922 at Bendigo, Victoria and died 4 Mar 2000 at Gympie, Queensland.
  2- Vera Daisy OSBORNE was born 10 Sep 1888 at Melbourne, Victoria and died 14 Sep 1890 at Melbourne, Victoria.
  3- Ivy Belle OSBORNE was born 1895 and died 1927. She married Angus P. MacDonald.
    a- Angus Osborne MacDONALD.
    b- Shirley MacDONALD.
C- Frederick Henwood OSBORNE was born 1861 and died 26 Jul 1943 (buried 28 Jul 1943) at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N 18254). He married Emily Francis WILSON. She was born abt. 1869 and died 30 Sep 1955 at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N 18254).
  1- Frederick Wilson OSBORNE was born abt. 1900.
  2- Doris May OSBORNE.
  3- Ilma Marie OSBORNE was born abt. 1907 and died abt. 18 Apr 1921.
D- Ernest Halbert OSBORNE was born 1864 and was buried 17 Dec 1950 at Bendigo, Victoria (G/N 18606). He married Johanna Christina HANSEN.
  1- Harold Hansen OSBORNE (Gunner 102nd Howitzer Batt) was born ~1894 and died KIA in France 9 Apr 1917 (headstone).
  2- William Lyle OSBORNE Sergeant 11th BFA) was born ~1896 and died of illness at Harefield, England 28 Aug 1917 (headstone).
  3- Ernest Henry OSBORNE was born ~1900 and died (drowned while bathing at Sedgwick) 26 Nov 1905 (headstone).
E- Kezia Phillipa OSBORNE was born 1867 and died 26 Mar 1869 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 5200 - date given as 1868).
F- James Herbert OSBORNE was born 1871. He married Jane WALL.

1. Ron Osborne's charts. Also dates for next generation.
2. I have the details of birth cert. and a copy which is almost illegible. The details provided approx birth dates for her brothers & marriage date of parents.
3. Corrected wedding date from newspaper report - see below.

Images (click to enlarge):

Osborne brothers with parents 10 Apr 1901 Osborne family 9 Apr 1901 (Ivy Belle Osborne is probably #24 - compare with mother) Newspaper cutting referring to Osborne 50th Wedding Anniversary. Leslie Symonds Osborne - WW1
Ron Osborne's Identifier Chart for above photos. (Some children are risky) Inscription from bible given to Charles Hellyar Osborne & Elizabeth Bell Carnduff on the occasion of their wedding L to R: Langdon Charles Osborne, Ivy Osborne, Robert Gill, Annie Gill (née Sloggett) & Jean Lesley Osborne. c.1928.  

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